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An Innovative Approach To Bespoke Food Solutions


Our extensive processing and manufacturing facilities are at the centre of our operations at Sam Browne Foods. With state of the art production processes, we continually invest in both our site and our people to ensure that we are offering exceptional levels of quality, backed by our state of our art facilities.

We can supply cooked meat, poultry or other food products in chilled, IQF, bulk frozen or post pack pasteurised in a variety of styles and weights. Providing bespoke food solutions is our speciality and we have the facilities to produce quality products using innovative cooking methods, manufactured to order.

At Sam Browne Foods we operate a batch process system running seven days a week, enabling small and speciality runs to be produced on behalf of our customers. Our extensive facilities include dicers, dedicated marinade preparation areas, tumblers, injectors, mincing and foaming equipment. We have recently invested in new ovens and our in house facilities includes both extensive steam and roasting ovens. Our facilities also includes specialist dicers, slicers and shredding machinery.

Sam Browne Foods are committed to excellence and this is reflected in the systems and accreditations we adhere to, which are independently audited and rigorously implemented. We maintain the highest levels of quality and food safety in every aspect of our operations. We have built our business on providing exceptional levels of expertise combined with our food industry leading development facilities.

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